How do I know if HDR is enabled?

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Just received my iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) and wondering how to know if HDR is enabled when playing content in Infuse and Netflix.

Netflix is mentioning Dolby Vision for many content, which I assume also included HDR.

But if I play HDR content in Infuse, how do I know that HDR is enabled?

When playing HDR content on my Samsung TV, I was always able to tell as the backlight was always automatically cranked up to max.

The iPad doesn’t automatically increase the brightness/backlight, which means I am never sure. :slight_smile:

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There isn’t any way to tell other than noticing a visual difference.

HDR videos are always played in HDR mode, if HDR is supported on your device.

If your device doesn’t support HDR, it will display the best picture your device will allow.

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Is there no way to find out from the UI if the file has HDR? (like when you see the video details prior and see thats its a 4K mkv for example) Would be great if you can put an HDR logo of some sort to show that the video is actually HDR.

There’s a currently running thread in suggestions that you may want to add your support to on the very request.

There will be a wash-out screening when HDR to SDR tone-mapping fails

Good day,
can I ask you about the available information (HDR symbol) As with video resolution or audio codec? It’s a pity not to know which HDR video. Otherwise, everything works great for my 2019 LG TV via apple TV 4K. Thank you very much. Satisfied user :slight_smile:

Currently no but as mentioned in my post above, there’s a thread in the Suggestions forum for that feature that you can add your support to here HDR markings in metadata

Thank you

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