How Do I know for sure its been JB

After completing all steps took me hours and hours but it said all went ok then it asked to restore file using itunes I clicked yes 


then at the end stated a small error but i disregarded it and check the status on my tv and no FC logo so how else will I know if its been JB’ED




What error did you receive? Keeping the conversation to one thread will make this a lot easier.

If you are using the altestn SeasonPass then the FC logo will tell you it is JB.  Earlier release did not have this visual cude.

If you apper to be going through the JB process and an apparently successful restore is not putting the FC logo in the bottom right, then the chances are that you restored the wrong .ipsw file.   The JB one that SeasonPass generates will always have _SP as part of the filename.   You can manually select the .ipsw file to be restored by using SHIFT (Option on Mac)+Click on the Restore button.  This will put up a file dialog to allow you to select the file to be restored.  Note, however, that you need to be in DFU mode or the restore will fail.