How do i JB a vergin atv2 S/W 5.2

How do i jail break my virgin atv2 running 5.2 software without upgrading the software to 5.2.1. Do i have to save my old firmware first. I jail break an apple tv2 before the 5.2.1 and it works fine untethered. Not sure how to do it i don’t want it to upgrade to the tethered version THANKS for any help guys.

1.Use ifaith to save your 5.2 blobs to a folder,

  1. then use snowbreeze to browse for 5.2 IPSW or just use “download it for me” button & after that locate your saved blobs & choose Ifaith mode, snowbreeze will generate something like 00000xxxxxx_sn0wbreeze_Apple_TV_2-5.2_signed.ipsw. on the desktop

  2. use that file to shift restore in itunes in order to jailbreak

Thanks can i get ifaith for my laptop using windows 7 Ultimate


I have Win 7 Premium and it works fine.

OMG i can not figure out how or where to get ifiath software. i also run firefox Mozilla if that makes a difference. thanks again for your replies   

Here’s a link to many softwares:


Here’s some more: (ifaith is old on this site though, but there is a lot of other useful software)

Thanks for all your help guys. took some time today and got it all figured out. saved my 5.2 software and jail boke it untethered THANKS again for all your help. This is a great Site

I haven’t been using ifaith at all since the new seas0npass came out


i just right click 5.2, it asks to save firmware signatures, follow on screen instructions and voila - jailbroken untethered 

nothing else needed…

So this is the real alternative to Seasonpass beta? (0.9.2) Can I then still install ATV flash?

I’m asking because I can’t jb my ATV 4.4.3 with Seasonpass for some reason.

  Thats fine but if someone upgrades to 5.2.1 by mistake without saving the old 5.2 there is no going back as far as i know whitch isn’t much

If I remember right I wrote this a day or two before the PC version of 0.9.2 came out, but I could be wrong. Either way is OK to save blobs.


This is an alternative if Seasonpass isn’t working out for you.

Yes, you can still install ATV flash