How do I install v1.0 (currently have RC1 on)

Hi, Im a little confused on my next steps. I bought ATVFlash for its ease of use.

So I have an aTV2, and managed using the instructions to connect to my Mac and iTunes, and jail brake it, and then install RC1 on it. Everything works fine.

Now however v1.0 is out, how do I update it? I can’t find any updates shown in Maintenance menu, I downloaded the v1.0 form fire core, ran the installer, it sees my aTV2, but won’t install.

Do I have to update my Apple TV to the official v4.4.3 first? then re-jailbrake it, then install v1.0 ATVFlash!?!? seems a lot to do for a product thats supposed to be easy to install.


Anyway if someone can help me get v1.0 on, as there does teem to be simple instructions on the fire core site, I think they expect us to know, I would be grateful, as the official Apple TV update v4.4.3 allows iPad 2 mirroring which I want.


*edit - tried again, downloaded v1.0, ran installer it saw my Apple TV, says transfering files, and then errors and says "Installation failed, Oops, it looks like your AppleTV has not yet been jailbroken.


Instructions for jailbreaking your AppleTV can be found here.



I’m in the same position and I had a really bad time trying to jailbreak - spent 2 days doing it so I really hoped from all the advertising of how easy it was that I could just update but I’m not sure how. I also can’t find where to update my IOS version anymore

You install the 1.0 release the same way you installed an earlier release - by running the installer on your PC/Mac and running the install over the network. No need to redo the jailbreak. Note, however, that MrMister111 seemed to try this and fail - so he might need to start again and repeat the jailbreak unless the reason for the failure of the install 1.0 over the network can be identified.

You cannot update your iOS version successfully on a jailbroken system which is why it has been removed from the standard menus. If you want to do that you have to repeat the iTunes restore (and jailbreak) process with the version of iOS you are trying to install.

Note that there are severe downsides to the current jailbreak of the 4.4.3 firmware in that it is a tethered boot jailbreak. This means the ATV2 needs to be connected to the PC/Mac via USB to complete the boot any time you lose power or do a hard reset. There is no ETA for the untethered jailbreak for this version of firmware although it is being worked on.

So if I’m reading you right, I would have to:

1)Restore my ATV2 through iTunes

2)Update my IOS version (but the current IOS version and jailbreak have severe issues)

3)Jailbreak the ATV2

4)Install ATV Flash


What are the downsides to installing 4.4.3?

Can you update to say 4.3?


Thanks for the help

Steps 1-3 are only required if you are not already on a suitable jailbroen iOS version.    In fact you should never need steps 1 & 2 because step 3 overwrites anything that is already there.  I guess you might do step 1 if you were abandooning the jailbreak and wanted to reverted to unmodified firmware.  If you have previosuly jailbroekn and installed the FireCore software then you can backup your settings via the Maintenance menu and then restore them after completing step 4 saving a bit of setup effort.

The only downside of the 4.4.3  release is that it is a tethered boot and manyp  people do not want that.   However there are people who want the new facilities and are prepared to live witha  tethered boot.  It was not clear if that was your position.

THe latest SeasonPass allows you to jailbreak to either 4.3 or 4.4.3.   You mentioned ‘upgrading’ to 4.3 - the jailbreak process simply replaces what you previously had so whether it is an upgrade or downgrade in iOS versions depends on your starting point.  At some point Apple are likely to stop signing the 4.3 firmware so if that happens and you want to re-install the 4.3 jailbroken firmware you have to have saved the SHSH blobs from an earlier go.

So does this mean, if I’ve ever cycled the power (switched it off/on) to the aTV2, then it is no longer jailbroken?

I’ve done this before, but I still have the Media, maintenance  menu etc?


so do I just have to do the whole process again, i.e. jail brake it, do the v1.0 installer again?

And if every time the aTV2 has to be switched off/on (can happen by accident as its plugged into a gangway of plugs) then I will have to jail brake it every time?

Ah, so I am still on 4.1 so I’m wondering if I can somehow upgrade to 4.3 (which I believe is untethered) because I think 4.1 is too old

I am totally lost now. Need help on my questions above. tried a new jailbrake, connecting to iTunes, physically, now when I plug in aTV2 to TV it shows a iTunes icon with a USB lead.


also how on earth if I do a tethered boot, as my Mac is downstairs and my TV for aTV upstairs do I disconnect USB, connect HDMI without disconnecting the power? I’ll have to disconnect the power when I take it upstairs.

I bought aTV flash for its ease of use, I wish I had never started this and left it at previous version, can someone please help step by step, its a door stop at moment

It sounds as if you have jail broken with 4.4.x series firmware. As you have found that means the PC/Mac has to be close to where the ATV2 will be used as the current jailbreak for that firmware is ‘tethered’

If you want an untethered jailbreak, then do it using the 4.3 firmware which is also supported by SeaonPass.

yes initially it was with 4.4 as didn’t realise this had to still be connected to a Mac to use it and not powered off, absolutely pointless in my eyes as stuff in my house gets turned off, accidentally or not.

tried to do the normal standard 4.3 with season pass, and been on it all day as always got the error, iTunes script failed error. Eventually after searching and searching, and asking and asking I found that if you hold down ALT key on Mac you can chose the file in Finder and it works…wish I knew about this 8 hours ago. Please Firecore put this in the listing about how to jailbrake, would have saved me so many hours of grief and time.