How do I get my old jailbroken AppleTV2 back?

I’m running OS El Capitan.

How do I jailbreak it and get it back to a ispw 5.3? I’ve tried several times with Seas0nPass-0.9.7. Help?

Hi Lillian,

I may be able to assist you here. I had this issue before, what I did was simply connect the Apple TV (without power) to your Mac (not sure if this method will work on windows but you can try) and restore it with iTunes to the newest version available. (don’t worry you will be able to restore back to a jailbroken firmware)

Once done so, download the latest version of Seans0nPass - - Open the file once its download and with the Apple TV still connected - Select the ‘Create IPSW’ button to start the jailbreak process.

Let it do its own thing until it asks you to hold the play and menu button the remote to put the Apple TV into DFU mode after than leave it to do its thing. Once its complete a Firmware Restore Successful Message with a Tick will appear.

That should fix your problem.

If theres anything you didn’t understand please let me know and Ill try help you.