How do I get Boxee to play anything!?!


I have updated all ATVflash apps and AppleTV. I goto Boxee, on front page tonight it had the football. Clicked link and tells me needs Adobe Flash installed I have installed via the Maintenance menu. So what is wrong?

Also any apps I try to get to play eg ITV Player, it plays a blank screen and/or says I need flash n

Please help me, is it me being daft?

Please anyone help? Someone must has Boxee and use it in UK for watching live streams etc?

I have tried everything I know how to

It may be related to an Adobe Flash issue. More info here:

I don’t have a Tiger install disk and that thread doesn really have any success.

I bought ATVflash as it stated it would provide an all in one solution with easy updates etc. This is not the CSS at the minute. Can you ease advise and he’ll please