How do I for from v5.02 to newer v5.2 do I have to re-JB?

I have my aTV2 with aTVFlash on setup how I want it. I know the newest official update (v5.2?) is now out and allows Bt keyboard and re-arranging icons etc.

I can’t see an update in my maintenance app to update, to you have to start the whole jailbrake from scratch again to get the latest?

Also I see that XMBC now works ok with v5.2, if I do a backup within maintenance app 1st will it restore all my settings, NAS shares etc?


Yes you need to rejailbreak. There isn’t a process in place that will allow you to update the iOS software with the jailbreak still present.

As far as the maintenance backup it will not backup your apps and its settings. Check out these:

Ok thanks for that. I’ve just re-jailbroke and put XBMC back on, I didn’t back up, so have to put all my repositories back on.

However (I’ve done another post), but media player won’t install. Gives error of dplg interrupted…

Also do you now not have to run the nito installer thing after a jailbrake?