How Do I Enable "Library Mode" in XBMC & Scan IMDB Info?

I opted to not install Sapphire as I found it REALLY buggy and problematic however I really loved how it would display content with IMDB info and Cover Art.

I’ve seen screenshots of a similar display of content in XBMC and I would like to enable this feature. So far, “Library Mode” is blacked out and I am unable to select it. Is this the feature that I need to have running to view my content in the same style as Sapphire?

Also, how do I get XBMC to gather info from scrapers? I have selected import but nothing seems to happen.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

 I have the same problem.  Does anyone know how to activate/enable library mode in XBMC?  Thanks

 Enter into "Movies" from the main menu. Then I'm not sure since I've the library mode activated, but if I click left button with the remote it will bring up the menu where you can select "Library mode", "Party mode" etc. Try right, up or down with the remote if it doesn't work with left...

I have the same problem. I enter into "Movies" from the main menu and the "Library Mode" is blacked out and I am unable to select it. Help!

Give this a try:

  1. Make sure to add your source first. I have an external HD hooked up so I add my TV folder and Movie folder.

  2. When you add source make sure to ¨set content" in the process of adding the TV Folder and Movie Folder

  3. It first needs to scan those folders before Library mode will activate.

Just in case it´s not scanning right away check the options in the set content area. You have a few options…

Give this a try.

Where do I add a source. I do not see this option anywhere.

I am on the Confluence theme. Scroll to Videos, the click over to the right with your mouse. Click Files. Click Add Source.

I do not have the Add Source, I only have Movies, Video Playlists and Video plugins.

I attached a video for you to see what I am looking at...


Using Confluence theme:

I have manage to do this and this is how I did it.

ssh into apple tv as frontrow

cd into Applications/

chmod -R 7777 userdata

 Orginal thread.


Regards Rohnny

I added movies into the onboard directory of my ATV via transfering the movies in with FTP tools.  The movies that now are on my ATV will not activate library mode, and extract the nice COVER ART, or the decription.  All the files I added are *.m4v files.

Does anyone know how to get XBMC to recognize the coverart exists in the files, and pull it out?

Tried to enable library mode and it still does not enable.



Looks like XBMC does not support pulling meta-data from your *.m4v files.

Out of luck

Is this still correct for the current version?  I've added sources via Samba shares on Ubuntu computer. And like this thread topic, the Library view is always disabled.

There is no "frontrow" user on my Apple TV 2. And when I navigate the folder structure when using ssh as root, I can see it's similar but quite different to the above structure. 

trick is to simply select an existing music source, then hold the menu button down for 2 seconds and a hidden menu appears. this includes the option to add to library.