How do I download the 5.0 version of SeasonPass?

Apologies for the stupid question but is this something that I do directly on my ATV or do I have to download something on my desktop?



Follow this


I followed the instructions but when I reconnected the ATV the light is blinking really fast and there is a picture on my TV of a Apple USB/Firewire plug leading up to a iTunes symbol.

The software/firmware all downloaded correctly…

I reconnected the ATV to iTunes but nothing new happened.


ANy ideas?

Same here, tried several times and get the iTunes logo with usb. Tried Boot Tehtered as well

Crap. Exactly the same problem here too ;_;

I found what the problem is here. I had the same .

You have to take the PC to the Apple TV. Not take Apple TV to the PC then carry it back to the TV monitor and power on the other side of the room with it unplugged from the mains power.

To cut a long story short. When you take the power away from the apple tv it looses the jail break when you take it over to your TV .

So I went through the whole process again with my PC next to the TV Did both jailbreaks and did not have to pull the power. It works.

If you unplug from the power or get a power cut you loose all and have to start again :frowning: They must come up with a perm jailbreak I hope.



That didnt work for me.

I just ran the whole process while it remained plugged in and I still have the same problem.

Yup, thank you and it’s a great suggestion, but that’s what I tried earlier - I took my MacBook to the power for the Apple TV, plugged it in etc so it was never powered off, and still no luck :frowning:

so i figured it out. I first ran the normal update from iTunes/SeasonPass then ran tethered. But in order for the tethered to work it was plugged (power) and the USB cable was connected to the computer. Once the tethered app runs, disconnect the usb, connect the hdmi (don’t unhook the power) and it will work.

now i am having trouble loading xmbc.


btw running 5.0(4099) atv2

Great. Glad ya got there.

I wonder if they will bring out a perm fix.