How do I display real file name?

When I connect Infuse 5 on Apple TV 4 to my Plex library I get “clean” file names for my movies (something like “Title-Year.mkv”).
This is a problem to me when I want to download subtiles through the app because I wish I would see the real file name, like “title-addic7ed.mkv”.
How do I do that? Thank you very much!

Only way i know is to go to edit metadata which should display filename.

Since you’re using DLNA you’re only going to get the name that Plex sends to Infuse, not the file name.

Exactly what I understood, it gives the name that Plex gives and not the real file name.

Only way around that is to connect using NFS or SMB (or potentially FTP or WebDAV) to your share instead of using the DLNA from Plex.