How do I delete files from SMB Shares?

For the life of me I can´t figure out how to delete files using either the IOS or TVos Infuse cliente. Please help!!

Edit: NVM found it

Can somebody help me.
I can’t find out how to delete files.

you have to first enable the File Management option in the settings to get the ability to delete files.

I have done that.
And now?

Once that setting is enabled, you can either select the ‘Delete’ button on the video details page or long-press a video poster and select ‘Delete’ from the popup menu.

I have done everything you said, but I don’t get a delete button. Neither viewing the video page or pressing the movie poster.

What kind of device are you streaming from? Deleting videos is only available when connecting via SMB or FTP/SFTP.

That was the problem.
I use SFTP (don’t work) en now SMB (works)

I am able to delete videofiles, but the patent folder is not deleted when I delete the last video file.

I have a folder for each series and a subfolder for each season. The season folder is deleted.

I do not have a problem with the remaining folder. However, it keeps showing up on the screen, which kind of ruins the beautiful UI of infuse