How do I assign a static IP address?

I just upgraded to ATV Flash 2.4, and I can’t figure out how to assign an IP address through the ATV Flash interface. I was able to do this before the upgrade, but I don’t remember exactly how - it appears the option no longer exists. FWIW, I also have installed Couch Surfer Pro, Infuse,, XMBC, and maintenance.

By way of background, a friend set up policy-based routing on a DD-WRT router, with an static IP address assigned to the ATV’s MAC address. But the ATV locked onto an address from the dynamic range, not the static IP address previously allocated for it.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone? Before the upgrade, there was an option to manually configure the network, by choosing the IP address, subnet, etc. Now the only option I have is simply to choose the WIFI network and provide PW.

I also saw a reference to using Terminal or Putty to SSH into ATV, but I can’t find any reference on how specifically to assign a static IP address.


Configuring the network is not changed by the jailbreak - it is still done via the Apple Settings option.

If you are only offered wiFi options then I would check your Ethernet cable.

Replacing the cable solved the problem. Thanks for the help.