How do I access Non-iTunes movies on my computer??

Hi...what am I missing?  The Firecore Help docs just say to go to Media, and this whole menu comes up with tv shows and movies...  For me, under "Media," I have My Files, and Manage Shares.  When I go to My Files, it shows "File System," and then I can navigate to different folders like Users, and Library, but there are never any movies or files available in them to play...  Did I miss a step? 


Update: So from looking through forum posts, I think I have to set up sharing?  So assuming this works, where is this documentation in the Firecore website?  Did I miss it somewhere?  The only option for "How to stream non-iTunes media" was kinda useless...

I have been looking for a tutorial to use the Media player for 3 days without any luck, when I add the shared computer (a Macbook) the system always send me an error message.

I hope somebody can help us.

Well, I set up sharing, but still not able to access any actual movies...  I can browse through my user folders etc. but no "files" actually show up.  What am I missing here??  How do I play non-iTunes files??

Oh man, this is reduiculous - this is the only reason i payed for the dam thing.....

I am confused by your questions, add a share ..enter your ip address user name and password. Once the share is added click on the share, it lists all you folders on your computer, go to where you store your movies ? simple

How do you add the share?  I have an external HD connected via USB to my time capsule.  To my knowledge, the HD doesn't have it's own IP address, login, or password.  How do I tell the ATV what that information is when it doesn't exist???