How dependable is Infuse/Firecore as a long term use investment?

Just switched over (6 months) to using Infuse with the ATV 4 as a streaming solution for my library of TV video and films. Previously I used Netgear NeoTV550s. Everything was in-house and under my control. I only switched as the NeoTVs are way obsolete even though they still worked fine.

Now I’m relying on Infuse to be able to run on the ATV and to access other databases to provide the info on the videos I watch (cf TVDB ?). How do other users feel about being so dependent on non-in house software and hardware ? Will Infuse still be available if for some reason it is no longer on the TV App Store ?

Yes, I can run VLC on a Mac Mini to access and play the NAS stored video, but now the benefits of Infuse are gone.

In reality, you risk absolutely nothing. Your worries about using external databases for metadata are unfounded. Yes, the metadata is being provided by external sources but with Infuse, you can always put together your own metadata in house from what ever sources you wish and have Infuse use that instead of external sources.

As to Infuse being dropped from the app store, I don’t worry about Infuse any more than any other app I use.

Firecore has exhibited an unwavering commitment to the Apple standards in app development so far and have given no indicators of doing otherwise.

All in all, why worry about an app that when it comes right down to it, costs less per year than many people spend on a cup of coffee every day? A lifetime subscription is less than the cost of 3 good dvds.

A lifetime

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Thanks for the comments. I’m not at all worried about the cost - it’s the effort of moving all my files into a Firecore friendly format that is my investment. Before, the NeoTVs would display and play whatever I put in the NAS units. Now, as I transition, I have to split the .iso files apart into individual episodes and name them correctly to get the right images/descriptions to be available. As long as Firecore exists I’m hoping that once is enough.

Personally, I just figured that if I kept waiting for that perfect app to play the hodgepodge of files I had I’d never be able to watch any of them so I chose Infuse and started doing the file changes I needed to in order to get the most from Infuse. After a few years I’m in the habit of making sure I follow the that format and it’s a breeze.

Heck even if they get to the point of picking out individual episodes from iso files they’ll still be able to play the ones that you have separated so it’s a no lose situation. :wink:

Granted there is the occasional “gotcha” but Firecore seems to be pretty strong in making sure they get fixed fast.

Heck, who knows what the next breakthrough will be in the home entertainment world, maybe our toaster will provide immersive VR and we’ll never leave the house again. :slight_smile:

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I’m at the stage you were a few years ago. Fortunately there is a system for me to transition into - I was waiting for the ATV to be made more open. I’m encouraged that you say Firecore are quick to make improvements (as I can verify by looking at the timeline of update releases). Netgear were f**ing awful at that.