How can i use NFS Share on the media player?

hi folks, I’v been using latest XBMC on my ATV2 (v4.4.4) for couple of weeks, but unfortunately i playback *.MKV Movies (H264, 720p) on it not smoothly at all, it gotta be buffering about every 30 sec, whatever i used SMB, uPnP or NFS share. Last week i installed latest aTV Flash (Black) v1.3 und media player, it works so great for most of 720p MKV Movies almost without any pause (bitrate about 3000 bps), even for some MKV Movies with bitrate up to 6000 bps (4500 bps Video+1500 bps DTS), but it gotta be buffering every 5-10 min.   So my question is: how can i use NFS Share on the media player? I’v only seen SMB  and AFP Share in Mediaplayer, can it work with NFS file sharing? I know NFS is faster than SMB.   Thanks for your tips regards Lee

no one knows that? i kick it again!

Also would like to know.

I’ve got a Synology NAS connected to a gigabit switch (a cheap netgear one) and my Apple TV 2.

720p MKV (top gear season 18) stream, instant, no re-buffering ever, no problems.

Synology supports SMB, NFS, and, what I’m using, AFP.  I can’t recommend Synology enough: it’s AWESOME-NAS.

make sure you are on Ethernet-hard wire, and not on WIFI.