how can I update an allready JB ATV2

I JB my ATV2 about 2 Y ago.

Now, due some issues with xbmc and an external DB on a qnap, I’d like to update the Apple TV to a newer software version. Currently its a 4.2, or 4.3 or so.

How can I update it to 5.2 (iOS 6.1 - 10B144b) - untethered ???


You can only go to 5.2 if you already have shsh blobs for the 5.2 release on your device.  Without those your only option is the 5.3 tethered release (while Apple is still signing it).

When/if a jailbreak for the 6.0 firmware will appear I have no idea, and if it does appear whether it will be tethered or untethered.


If you spent the money and installed ATVFlash it would have saved your blobs automatically for each iOS update allowing you to program to a newer version.


You can download iFaith, run show available SHSH blobs on server, this will show you which signatures are saved for that device.


In seas0npass you can right click and select 5.2 from the list, if no blobs are saved it will tell you there are no blobs and it won’t update