How can I turn on auto update?

My ATV is still running 4.3, I’d like to update to 4.4.4. When I check for new software it says I am up to date. I’m assuming it’s saying this because auto update has been disabled. When I go to Maintenance > Settings there is no option to enable auto update. There is only:

Manage Backups

Backup Type

Submit Diagnostics Info

Relaunch AppleTV


I’ve looked through the other submenus and cannot find the auto update option.



What is the point?

Trying to update a Jailbroken system will almost certainly render it inoperative and needing to be connected to your PC/Mac via USB to be restored. You also need to do that if you want to revert to standard I.e. none-jailbroken) firmware.

If you want to update to the 4.4.4 release you will need to repeat the jailbreak process, but this time with the 4.4.4 firmware, and re-install applications. You can use the backup/restore facility under Maintenance->Settings ->Manage Backups to preserve settings and metadata for the applications across this process.