How can I switch from local metadata to Infuse-sourced metadata?

I have a new install of Infuse 5.6.7 on my Apple TV 4K. While trying to add a TV Shows folder (thats another topic), I accidentally blew away all the Infuse metadata for my movies, and it now shows only the local metadata. Some of it is complete, as I took many of my rips through either iFlicks or Subler, but a lot of it is missing. I’d much rather return to the metadata provided by Infuse. Every once in a while it would display the wrong info - the McQueen “Thomas Crown Affair” would change to the later Brosnan movie, for instance - but overall it was a good experience.

What steps do I take to restore control of metadata to Infuse?

How was it you enabled local metadata? Was it through Settings, or did you do it on a folder by folder basis?

If done via Settings, you will want to ensure ‘Metadata Fetching’ is on, and ‘Embedded Metadata’ is off.

If done at the folder level, you’ll want to long-press on the folder(s) that are displaying ‘Local Metadata’ at the top and select the ‘Use Online Metadata’ item.

Once this is done, you can have Infuse refetch everything by selecting the ‘Clear All Metadata’ option in Settings.