How can I stop "recently added" from changing to wrong things all the time?

This is actually the same problem in both Infuse versions that I am using.
My list of recently added files is constantly changing between a “correct list”, “the alpabetically last entries in folder x” or seemingly something else random from other folders. The third option could in fact also be alphabetical, maybe I didnt notice that.

So, every second day I am happy to really see the movies, that I just added, but just some short time after that it will revert to all my X- and Z- Movies or even files from a folder that I looked at recently or from which I have watched a file recently.
Sadly I cant even reproduce it. Maybe its simple, but I dont know how. I would just love to make it stop and just really display the recently added movies.

Any idea?

Are you streaming from a UPnP/DLNA device by chance? Unfortunately, due to the nature of how these work, they are constantly updating the file lists presented to apps like Infuse. As a result, Infuse recognizes old content as new, which makes it appear at the top of the recently added list.

If you are able to connect via SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV you should be able to avoid this.

Thanks, I will try it. I can switch to SMB and see what happens. I already know one of the things that will happen. Hundreds of my movies will be without cover again. Probably its time to change all the filenames or I will continue to have this problem.
Is there any way how I can check if the filenames would be recognized by infuse on a website?
Or do I have to try and rename them all on my pc first, then check infuse on my tv until it gets recognized?

If Infuse is matching them correctly via UPnP it should be able to match them in the same way via SMB as well - that is unless you went through and manually searched for hundreds of titles.

Either way, if you are able to provide a bit more info on the filenames you are having trouble with I might be able to provide a bit more insight. For reference, some examples of naming styles that work with Infuse can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

I have a problem here as well. I use SMB as well, but it doesn’t show the movies I most recently added but chooses randomly. I’m sure when I add another movie from now on it will but that doesn’t help me much. It should use the “time of change” info from the NAS right? Or how does it work?

I think my ATV4 has hypochondria. I read this thread and looked at my “recently added” and it too was a listing of my movies starting with “X”, “Y”, and “Z” not the ones that I added earlier in the day.

I’m using SMB and it had been fine a while back when I was running through the different library sorts.

It’s almost like the “recently added” is looking at the last of all movies instead of last added.

Me too. Today I started Infuse (5.4.2) and the “recently added” movies starting with a,b,c,… and not with the ones I added recently.
I’m using NFS for the connection.

Same issue for me.

I’m connecting to a Mac Mini over SMB. I have multiple shared folders as favourites.

New content does get correctly added to the Recently Added list. But the next day it will revert back to a list of movies in reverse alphabetical order. It’s as if Infuse has re-scanned my library and decided that everything is Recently Added. Sometimes watching a TV show will bring that season into the Recently Added list too.

My workaround has been to create a “temp” share folder where I keep my recently added files. Then I excluded all my other shares from the Infuse library, and just browse them as favourites. This way my “recently added” list is stuff I know I’ve recently acquired.

I can also report back that I have switched to SMB, but that didnt help at all. Except now
sometimes its even stranger, because in the library I see the correct recently added movies, but in the overview I still get all the Z-movies.

After switching to SMB, Infuse will re-scan everything so the last scanned items will appear as Recently Added (this typically ends up being items in reverse alphabetical order).

However, going forward, as new items are added these should start to appear correctly in the Recently Added lists.

I’ve been running SMB since the beginning and this is new behavior. It’s showing the same group of scrolling movie posters for each of the movie library options such as all movies, rating, genre, age rating, etc. This is new behavior for me. The last movies I added aren’t showing as recently added either. It seems that the data for recently added is stuck and is also being used for the self scrolling movies posters as you move through the choices under Movies in the library.

Today it happend again. I went to the “Library” option and the “Movies” count “0”, a few seconds later it switched back to 807. The “recently added” starts again with x,y,z movies.
I changed nothing, connection is as always nfs. Very strange behavior.

Yup, mine got the 5.4.3 update and I thought it was fixed but it went right back to the XYZ movies instead of the most recently added.

And to add one more tidbit of info. The TV recently added is acting the same. Newly added shows are not showing up in the recently added, just a group of shows near the end of the alphabet. Still as always on SMB.

If you have a chance, please send in a report from your device so we can look into what’s going on in your case. Thanks!

Alright, if it happens again I’ll do that.

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Just adding my two bobs worth in here. After a clean rebuild, I am also noticing strange behaviour with the recently added function. Added a few movies to the library and they show up fine in the “Recently Added” list in the library, but are not present in the Recently Added horizontal list on the Home screen. It just has the normal z,y,x that you get after a rebuilding from scratch.