How can i revert jailbroken ATV2 to 4.3


i bought an ATV2 yesterday and executed seas0npass successfully last night.

However after putting the latest xbmc nightly-build on, the ATV2 crashes/reboots regularly.

I have to use the latest nightly build as my files are hosted on my Lion based iMac, and as xbmc and Lion-Samba do not

like each other i have to use the nightly builds, as they support AFP.

But not only xbmc is crashing, what can be expected by running such a nightly build, also the whole ATV reboots sometimes, when browsing the itunes library.


For that reason, i woule like to revert it to the original 4.3 FW.

Could you please give me some brief instructions how this can be done ?

As i was afraid a restore, would go and put ios 5 (4.4) on it ?


Many thanks for your help in advance



As far as I know SeasonPass currently only supports the 4.3 firmware.  You can check what firmware you have installed by going to Settings->About on the ATV2.

Have you disabled the option to be told about Firmware updates from Apple?  If not then they can cause crashes.   If you have the 4.3 firmware installed by SeasonPass and have not disabled these prompts then Apple will be trying to tell you the 4.4 firmware is available and you will get an XBMC crash every time that happens.