How can I put a cover manually in infuse 7

hola quería q me explicasen como puedo poner una caratula manualmente a dicha película porque la sincroniza mal.

se puede hacer eso manualmente ?

y otro porque cuando esta sincronizado con plex y veo una pelicula fuera de mi casa, o red me sale ancho de banda sobrepasado.

Hello, I wanted you to explain to me how I can manually put a cover on said film because it synchronizes wrong.

can you do that manually?

and another because when it is synchronized with plex and I watch a movie outside my house, or the network, I get exceeded bandwidth.

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First, how do you have the video file named?

Second, have you tried to do an “edit metadata” to select the correct movie?

As to the Plex bandwidth issue, what do you have set in your Plex server for bandwidth?

.1- the name i have with avengers 2 (2015)

2- if the edited in metadata and i find the film avengers the ultron era and select it, it changes it all right but only in the part where the summary shows, the quality, but the presentation does not change the film cover does not put anything just something blurry which is a shot of the film, that’s why i just wanted to change the photo of the main cover.

3-good and tried to configure everything but it doesn’t change anything that never happened to me with the infuse 6, unless plex already put a limit to quality with another application.

1- el nombre lo tengo con vengadores 2 (2015)

2- si lo editado en metadatos y encontre la pelicula vengadores la era de ultron y lo seleccione, lo cambia todo bien pero solamente en la parte donde muestra el resumen, la calidad, pero no cambia la presentacion la caratula de la pelicula no pone nada solo algo borroso que es una toma de la pelicula, por eso queria solo cambiar la foto de la caratula principal.

3-bueno e tratado de configurar de todo pero no cambia nada eso jamas me sucedia con el infuse 6, a menos que plex ya puso un limite a la calidad con otra aplicacion.

You would probably have better luck with “Avengers Age of Ultron 2015.mkv” since the “2” may not be recognized as the actual movie name.

Can you do a screen print of what you’re seeing that is blurred and what is wrong with the info?

What is "good’? Do you have a limit set of any value?

Is the movie correctly identified and shown in Plex ?

If yes, then it should be correct in Infuse as Infuse will pull Metadata from Plex in that case.

In addition if you change a Poster in Plex, it will be updated in Infuse as well.

Ojala puedan ayudarme estoy padeciendo mucho tiempo con eso, tanto q me da ganas de dejar infuse, pero si me pudieran ayudar por favor, no puedo ver fuera de mi red local.

Hopefully you can help me, I am suffering for a long time with that, so much that it makes me want to leave infuse, but if you could help me please, I can not see outside my local network.

Infuse does not transcode playback so it will play your files at the original quality so if you’re having problems playing files from your server via the internet then you may be exceeding your available bandwidth. Without knowing what your settings on plex are there’s no real way of knowing.

me podria ayudar a configurar por favor ese ancho de banda del cual menciono, porque antes yo miraba normal en infuse 6, pero a prtir del infuse 7 me sale eso, a menos que plex alla modificado ciertos terminos.

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Could you please help me to configure that bandwidth of which I mention, because before I looked normal in infuse 6, but from infuse 7 I get that, unless plex alla modified certain terms.

I don’t run a plex server so you may have to wait until someone who does run a plex server and accesses it remotely can possibly answer your question. Sorry.

okay thanks anyway.

if there is someone who can help me in the forum please,

If I do not end up leaving infuse, since it would not serve me and I would have to cancel my subscription.

Do you have any images in the video folder? Because if you have the app, you will show it first, and after deleting it, the app will fetch the video poster.

Thank you, it helped me a lot, please could you help me regarding the plex, I mean, I have it linked to the plex with the infuse …

and before I looked normal anywhere outside my house.

but now with infuse 7 I get a note that says, you have reached the bandwidth limit …

Please help me to solve that problem that I have for months and it brings me a headache.

Have you done a search for “plex bandwidth” on the forum?

There are several thread that have possible answers that you can try along with reasons it may be happening.

For example