How can I get this message to Apple?

I bought your Apple TV, knowing that it’s built-in feature set was grossly lacking.


I bought it on the promise that it might have unrevealed capabilities (your marketing content is extremely vague), that it would work with existing Apple products, and MOST IMPORTANTLY that I could return it if it did not work well for me.

It’s content is extremely poor.

It did not work with all my existing Apple products.

Although it is working on my current hotel network, I cannot be sure that it will work on future networks given the lack of a web browser.

If it cannot be jailbroken, and Apple will not provide a greater range of content, I’ll return the ATV3 and get a NeoTV in it’s place, or will simply start carrying around my XBox 360.

How can you get this message to Apple?  Try the discussion boards, or use Apple’s feedback tool (it’s on their website somewhere).  Or, hey, print it out and pin it to the door of your local Apple Store like a modern-day Martin Luther :stuck_out_tongue:


Also… what does “cannot be sure that it will work on future networks given the lack of a web browser” mean?

If the ATV3 didnt work with your other unmodified apple products you very likely did it wrong.


Not true. It does not work with an iPad 1, and it does not work with OSX 10.6. This is not clearly stated anywhere on the packaging, or in the marketing.


It means that when you put a device on a hotel network, the local wifi will redirect any requests to a “login page”. You have to login on that page to register your MAC address on the hotel’s network. This has to be done again after 24 hours. There are ways around it, but they are a pain to do. If I can install a web browser on the ATV3, then it will be a valuable product to me.  By luck, my current hotel recognizes it as an iPhone, and due to a now old-fashioned premise that iOS devices won’t consume a lot of web content, it does not require a login for the device. This is not universal across all hotels, though.

The whole concept of logging into a wifi network at the hotel is obsolete, but most of them do it anyway.

As far as I can tell, ATV3 offers no meaningful value over the $50 NeoTV without spending at least $600 on additional equipment upgrades, and even then it’s a very dodgy solution.