How can I force to identify movies as "others"?

Hey out there :slight_smile:
I´m using Jellyfin and have more Librarys on my Mediaserver.
One is own for Documentation. The Infos was manully edit by my own in that Jellyfin Library and it is not marked as movie or tv-show.

But if i add that Library in Infuse, it will be added as Movie. That brick the complete sorting and Library View in Infuse.
Is there a way to solve that issue ? Maybe by a specia Tag on the Metadata.nfo File from Jellyfin ?

Are these videos in the same Jellyfin library as your regular movies with a content type of ‘Movies’ set? If so, that is probably why Infuse is placing these in the Movies section.

To workaround this, you can place these videos into their own library in Jellyfin and perhaps set the content type to Home Videos. This should place these all in the Other section in Infuse. You can also deselect this specific library in Infuse > Settings > Library to exclude these items from Infuse’s library.

Hey James
in Jellyfin it is a own library and the content type is set to “Different / Others”. Home Video or something like that does not exist.

When I disable that one on the library I can´t setup a shortcut to the home screen. I always need to choose first the “Jellyfin” Icon to access that Folder, or is there an Option ?