How can I exclude subfolders from my library


I’ve got a few subfolders that contain “DVD extras” and other stuff that there’s no decent metadata for, and I’d like to exclude them from indexing.

I’ve searched the forums for “exclude” and “noindex” and only found one thread, from an old version.

I’ve created a file called .noindex in the folder I don’t want indexed, but it still gets indexed. From what I understand, Infuse should respect a .noindex file.

I’ve attached a pic that shows one example of the files, plus one that shows the library. You can see the problem - unless I go through and change the metadata, I end up with a very messy list of files with the wrong images (and wrong names - I don’t even know what a Mighty Duck is!).

What am I doing wrong - and what can I do to make this work?

Welcome to the forum!

Did you try “.nomedia” instead of “.noindex” per the users guide?

Can you or @james go more into detail?
I have a Mac and I have a NAS. Infuse on my Apple TV is connected to my shares on my NAS vis smb.
In one share I have a folder (which contains subfolder and files) which I want to exclude.
On my Mac I created a test.txt file with Textedit. Then I copied this file to the folder above and renamed it to “.nomedia”. Even after a few syncs this folder is still show in Infuse on my ATV.