How can I embed metadata correctly?

Hi folks,

I am tagging my MP4 files with MetaMovie, MetaTV and MetaDoctor Pro. Which tags are required to be recognised as Movie or TV Show correctly? Especially my TV Series do not appear in the right section of Infuse.


If I understand your question correctly Infuse doesn’t use embedded tags to set a file as TV or movie, it relies on the file name to determine whether it’s a movie or TV show and what metadata to fetch from TMDB. This users guide can shed some light on this.

Thank you for the fast reply. I use German file names and German titles, so fetching from TMDB is not really helpful for me. All of my MP4 files have embedded tags, so I can be independent of external data. I was under the assumption that the king stings the jack and the embedded data takes precedence over other sources.

TMDB has many languages available and should be fine as long as you follow the format of “show name S0xE0x.mkv” for tv shows it should pick it up.

One thing to remember is that when you have embedded metadata turned on it takes quite a bit longer to scan since Infuse has to scan the complete file looking for metadata.

I’m not real familiar with embedded data so maybe someone who is may chime in but many users with different languages are using Infuse with TMDB without a problem as long as the naming format is correct.

Do you have an example of a TV show that is causing you problems?

One example: Kottan ermittelt

There are a lot of mismatches or missing data. I use embeddings to correct the errors and gaps. Meta Doctor Pro uses TMDB too, so I saw the problems straight away.

In my humble opinion it only makes limited sense to extraxt information at first from the filename, while all the data are available embedded in great detail. Please correct me, if I am seeing that in the wrong way.

Is this the correct show?

I guess I should ask first, are you embedding both artwork and the synopsis and if so, just to double check, do you have the embedded metadata option enabled?

Sorry for the simple questions but sometimes the easy steps get overlooked. :wink:

Yes, I include artwork, synopsis, director, actors, studio and so on.

Of course I enabled the option for embedded metadata.