How can I check which version of aTVFlash I used on my aTV?

I haven’t upgraded my aTVFlash in a while and my aTV runs 2.1.
I wanted to install the latest 3.3.5 on my aTV but my install PDF says:

Optional Steps (required only if upgrading from a 3.1 or older installation of the aTV Flash software. If you have version
3.1.1 or later installed, this step is not required.)

I don’t remember which version I have. Where on the aTV can I check that?


If you have Cyberduck (get it…its free), launch it. There will be a bunch of folders. Inside one of them is an installation log titled with the version number of the flash you used.

I would be more specific, but my ATV is out getting the hard drive replaced with a 250gb one, so I can’t actually look at my own setup.