How can I change the "Movie genres" covers?

I know that long pressing on the genre cover I can get the option “Update cover” (I am translating from Italian, so forgive me if they aren’t exactly the same words). And that worked fine for a couple of genres. But for “Action”, for example, I have got a cover from the computer animated movie “9”, which isn’t exactly the most significant title. Fortunately “Comedy” changed back to “Frankenstein Junior” and Music to “The Blues Brothers” which are much more appropriate choices!! :smiley:

Are there specific folders/filenames one may add to choose a custom cover? Actually it would be cool if going into a genre, long pressing on a movie’s cover one could decide that the genre cover should be taken from such movie. Or “update cover” could switch between available movies instead of just changing colours. Unless a similar option is there already, sure, in which case I’d love to know how it works. :slight_smile:

When generating genre images, Infuse will use the fanart from the top rated item in the genre.

So, a way to manually select a cover would be to rate an item with 10 hearts and then use the long-press refresh artwork option. Also, after you get the artwork the way you want, you can return and re-rate the item(s) any way you want without it affecting the genre images.

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Sorry for the late answer…

Ok, as a workaround it would do. But I see now why I didn’t realise it works like that. On the Family genre it takes the banner from the movie “Greater” which I didn’t even watch, yet. Changing the rating of other movies to 10 stars doesn’t make the cover changing either. So I am afraid there’s a bug. As an additional workaround I had to move “Greater” from my library to another folder in the server, update the Infuse library and then it started working.

Also, if I may ask, is there any chance to get better effects on the cover? Like Sepia and all the typical stuff (I wouldn’t mind a setting to define one as the default option either). The half rainbow colour shades are a bit… meh. I am sticking to the monochromatic light blue.

Hi any news on updating this bug? I’m also coming across this issue with it not pulling artwork for movies manually marked full stars. Could a function be created for our own artwork - same method as favourite icons perhaps?

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