How can I change the cover of the Season-Folder of TV-Series?

Can I change the cover of Season Folder? Not the Main-Folder, that is working.

Breaking Bad - Change Cover works

Season 1 - Can’t change the cover

How do you get a cover for the folder? I have tried all kind of different suggestions, but nothing seems to work. What setting or adjustment must I change to get this to work?

what i do its create a folder example:

Breaking Bad and Folder.jpg with my Breaking bad cover
then create folders for each season

season 1 and a folder.jpg with my Breaking bad season 1 cover for custom covers.

i hope this works for you

do you mean you put the Jpeg in the created folder of the show? If so I have already tried this, and it doesn’t work. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to have my 200 tv shows to have a cover.

The season cover art is not changeable at this time. Sorry.

I had to enable SMB on my NAS drive then point infuse at the “new” drive before the artwork would show.

It all works perfectly now, except for the Dolby digital, but that’s another thread.

Where is the setting on your Nass

@james : I had not realized that the individual season folders will not accept custom ‘folder.jpg’ artwork. So if I am using SMB sharing, and I place each season’s episodes into their own sub-folder, Infuse should automatically add a cover for every season sub-folder?

Also, do I need to name the season sub-folders something specific, like just “Season 1”, “Season 2”? Will the sub-folders still receive artwork automatically if they are named (for example): “Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 1”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 2”, and so on…?