How best to deal with something that isn't a film or a tv series

As I’ve been transferring my dvd/bd collection to a HD, I’ve found a small subset of dvds which are neither films nor tv series, and I’m not sure how best to deal with them.

For example:
(1) the Peanuts Classic Holiday Collection. Six Charlie Brown episodes covering Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, presumably taken from different runs of the Peanuts cartoon.
(2) The Star Trek Borg Fan Collective: 14 episodes taken from Voyager, TNG and Enterprise.

Neither appear on which isn’t surprising as they are commercial repackages rather than tv series.

I could set them up as one season tv series, but I’m not sure that the individual episodes would pull down the right metadata, or that I’d get cover art (I haven’t tackled them yet - I’ve got a lot to get through before I get to the “problem” discs).

Is there a neater solution than artificially setting them up as one season TV series?

The challenge with these is it looks like they are cherry picked episodes from the regular series…which unfortunately won’t be listed on their own in TMDb or TheTVDb.

Peanuts Holiday Collection includes 3 episodes from a single series: A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

The Star Trek Borg Fan Collective includes 14 episodes from a handful of different series: Regeneration (Enterprise 049), Q Who? (TNG 142), The Best of Both Worlds pts 1 and 2 (TNG 174-175), I Borg (TNG 223), Descent pts 1 and 2 (TNG 252-253), Scorpion pts 1 and 2 (Voyager 168-169), Drone (Voyager 196), Dark Frontier (Voyager 824), Unimatrix Zero parts 1 and 2 (Voyager 246-247), Endgame (Voyager 828)

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

It does - thanks.

Having played around with some solutions last night, some results:

Some of these short TV programmes are listed by as individual movies. The Peanuts series is a good example (also: Wallace & Gromit). Each cartoon is <25 mins long, but they have each been classified as a movie. So for these, I set up a “Peanuts” subfolder in my “TV Series” folder. I named each rip according to its episode title (eg “A_Charlie_Brown_Christmas.mkv”) and saved an internet sourced Peanuts image as folder.jpg in the same folder.

This gave me a “Peanuts” folder alongside Six Feet Under, The Wire and so on, with a nive piece of cover art. In Infuse, inside the folder each episode appears as a separate item with its own metadata for that episode.

However, things like Star Trek don’t list individual episodes as movies. So there’s no point naming an episode as (say) “Star_Trek_Voyager_Unimatrix_1.mkv”, because it won’t be recognised by For these, I set up a “Star Trek Borg Collective” folder. Added some artwork as folder.jpg. Then added each of the episodes using the series protocol to name them: eg “Star_trek_voyager_s1_e1.mkv”.

In Infuse, within the “Star Trek Borg Collective” folder, this produces a “Season X” image for each season that is represented by an episode. If there is more than one episode from a series, then tapping/clicking on the image will pull up the option to select a specific episode from the series (much like a regularly saved TV series, except where there you have 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, here you might just have (say) 5, 16 and no other episodes).

Anyway I’ve now got to the end of loading just of 7TB of discs, so I might take some time off watching MakeMKV work and spend some time watching some stuff…

ETA: a postscript. I found a slight glitch in this, and then developed a workaround. The glitch only affects TVOS and not iOS. In TVOS, click on a movie in Infuse and you get a screen about that movie with a ticker tape of all your movies along the bottom of the screen. The glitch occurs if you add two TV programmes to a TV Series folder, and each TV programme is (a) a single programme and (b) classified by as a movie.

So, for example, I added BSG: The Plan and a comedy DVD (call it Peter Kay) to my TV Series folder. Each had its own icon in my list of TV Series. Click on either of them, and at the bottom of the screen you see icons of both, because Infuse is treating them as movies. The work around was to add a second film to each folder. So I renamed the BSG folder from “BSG: The Plan” to “BSG” and added BSG: Razor to it as a second film. This forced Infuse to treat the BSG folder as TV series, and so when I click on the BSG icon I get to see my two BSG movies displayed and nothing else.