How are new suggestions/ideas supposed to get traction in the suggestion forum?

How are new suggestions/ideas supposed to get traction in the suggestion forum, when the forum is sorted by the most votes? New ideas end up being buried multiple pages in and are therefor unlikely to be seen to get votes. Any way to allow people to sort on new posts, to overcome this chicken and egg scenario?

Many are using the search function and that will get them to posts related to the suggestion.

Currently there is no sort options for the forum.

I realize you are just being the messenger for how things currently work, and appreciate your input. But, I’m not sure how advanced search is helpful in locating new suggestions. It only allows you to search for items based on words or phrases that you KNOW about (or the lack of certain words.) So to be useful you need to already know what you are searching for - chicken and egg.

Firecore team - any chance of allowing people to sort on “last post date” as well as likes?

Actually yes, there are a few things in progress here which should help.

IMHO, the previous behavior was worse as only new posts appeared at the top, which meant people were often times posting duplicate suggestions.

Awesome, and I can see how sorting by newest first would be equally problematic. Thanks for the reply and involvement of Firecore representatives. This is SUCH a breath of fresh air, compared to Plex and makes me feel much better about purchasing a year subscription to the app. 10 bucks is a steal, and I will gladly pay that for a quality app and development team that listens to it’s users in pursuit of a better product!

Thanks again!