How are backups kept track of on FireCore's servers?

I was just wondering about the backups feature in ATV Flash and how it saves them on the servers. For instance… are they pinned to an account? To an IP address? Or to an AppleTV serial address? Something else?

I ask because I just recently bought a 2nd AppleTV and I want to keep separate backups for both of them. Is that possible with just one account?

Backups are tied to the AppleTV serial number. We may expand this in future with some type of account based syncing which would allow multiple AppleTVs to stay in sync, but for now each of your AppleTVs would maintain a separate backup.

That’s what I thought. Thanks for the quick reply!


Also using that as a syncing feature would be fantastic! Currently I don’t want my two AppleTVs synced (as they are used by two different people). However if I ever get a second one for myself that would be great.