How am I supppose to share my purchased infuse pro with my family?

Hey, everyone in the form, hows it going?

I just purcahsed a life-time infuse pro for my family. all my family members are in my apple family group. However, accordning to the family share option from infuse website,

I tried both ways, either in app store, let my family to download it and using the restore button,which didnt work. so I try to ue trakt sharing, but it turns out some of my family can get the pro version, someone just didnt even log in the same account.

so what am I supposed to do for family sharing? thank u for the reply.

First, how many family members are you trying to share with and on what devices?

Your first step should be to go through the “Tips for Family Sharing” double checking that all have the purchase sharing activated including you.

Also double check that you have Infuse set to share in the App store subscriptions settings.

Have you tried the deleting and re-download the app from the main family member’s list of Purchased apps in the App Store?

6 members in my family group, shared on apple TV and iphones.

I already go through the “tips for family sharing” and everything about family sharing is on, like purcahsed app,

however, its a life-time purchase, so there is no subscriptions setting on my subscription setting.

and also I tried to re-download the app, its not working.

trakt is working sometimes, but only some works, some just do have Pro version

Thanks for replying