Household transitioning to Android TV :(

I am a very long time, and totally satisfied, Infuse Pro user. Unfortunately I’ve been over-ruled on the Apple TV vs Android TV and 4K TV upgrade path we have been planning, and this weekend marks a new journey.

Of course I will use my Infuse pro on my iPad and iPhone, but NVIDIA Shield TV Android TV systems are replacing the Apple TV 4 ‘s we have been using for many years, and to offset the cost of the three Shield’s and 2 Sony 4K TV’s, we are selling off the 3 Apple TV 4 devices.

My only hope, is that one day Firecore May release an Android/AndroidTV version of Infuse. I will be setting up a Plex Server Saturday, ( it’s been such a long time since we have had Plex in our household), and configuring Live TV and DVR features via HDHomerun.

I’ve really never had anything but great things to say about Infuse Pro, and will continue to recommend it to anyone using Apple TV.

Thanks for all the great support here, and all the entertainment this system has helped provide to the family.

Hi, here is one thing that I don’t understand. An Apple TV 4K is less expansive than an NVIDIA. Why didn’t you upgrade to the 4K Apple TV?
Before I bought my ATVs I tried a lot of android players including the NVIDIA. It’s a drag, complicated, lots of problems with all these video app, takes tons of time, and is far away from atv plus infuse.
Just to mention this :wink:
Greets, Gregor

Plain & simple, I was outvoted.

I could pull my trump card and overrule the family, but it’s not worth the discord that would cause.

I definitely do agree. But, what a pity …

You should’ve pulled the trump card, mate. I own both ATV 4K and a Shield (and I use the Shield as a Plex server for my ATV/InfisePro setup). The Shield is by no means a bad device, but in terms of playback quality and stability ATV/Infuse is night and day better for me.

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i know this is an old topic and i hope your new direction has worked out for you…

however i have just moved away from nvidia shield. tried both plex and kodi…they have been so stressful and buggy.

just got the apple tv 4k with infuse pro and it is downright bliss compared to the buggy setups you have to put up with with android tv. never again. i was constantly having to trouble shoot it.

basking in the glow of my new found atv infuse experience