Hotspot Shield Disabled in AppleTV

I have just installed aTV Flash along with most included applications and plug-ins including Hotspot Shield. I want to use HsS with Boxee and Hulu. My problem is that HsS is marked as “disabled” and I cannot toggle to “enabled” or to load automatically on start-up. How can I fix this? Once enabled, will I be able to use HsS with Boxee and Hulu and, if so, will this require any additional set-up procedures on my part? Thanks for any help and suggestions you can give me.


Has the Smart Installer been run?

Yes. Still shows as"Disabled". When I try to open HsS in Applications the opening HsS screen asks for a password. Two problems: One, I have no keyboard to enter a password; and two, there is no password associated with HsS unless it means either my mac administrator password or “frontrow”.

Can anyone help me here?

You may try removing and reinstalling Hotspot Shield as described here:

Thanks Max. HsS shows as installed but upon opening it I am asked for a password. What password? How do I set it up so that it is functional with Boxee?

Are you launching it through the Maintenance menu or the Applications menu? It will appear in both places, but you will want launch through the Maintenance.

Thanks. that was the clue I needed. One doesn’t actually “launch” it in the maintenance folder, rather one “enables” it under “settings”. It took me a while to figure this out and to actually enable it. Many and repeated clicks on the remote until it got past “do you want to uninstall” and “already installed” before “disabled” changed to “enabled”. I make a point of detailing this because the process is not at all intuitive and someone else out there may find my experience helpful.
I also started Hotspot Shield from the “Applications” folder which brought up a box asking for the password. The password sought is “front-row”. I have been stalled over this for a couple of weeks so much appreciate the suggestions you have given me.
On another note I was able to get my old Logitech CX3200 wireless keyboard and mouse to work on Apple TV, again after a couple of weeks of frustration. This time I deliberately powered of the unit before inserting the RF usb stick. That did the trick and both the wireless mouse and keyboard worked after rebooting.