HOT SPOT SHILED on APPLE TV black works?

I will but Apple TV and fire core , but my question is , the HOT SPOT SHILED setting is available on the beta ?

Currently there are no VPN features are available in aTV Flash (black). Sorry.

Is it coming at all? I live in the UK and sick of waiting fro Netflix to get over here. Be good to use a US account on my Appletv2

i have the same problem, i want to connect to netflix with my appletv 2g but there´s not vpn, i read in some forums that i can do that changing my normal modem with a vpn router, i apreciate if you, James, can help us with this, because we love Netflix service, but unfortunately we live outside the US, i live in Mexico,thanks in advance.

There is a solution for this, and you dont actually need a dedicated VPN. Use to change your DNS. You can either change the DNS directly in your router settings, which then will apply to all connected gear, or directly on the device you want e.g a apple tv2 (black). It costs 4.99$ a month and it is supereasy and works like a charm. I am currently using it on my mac, my sony laptop and an apple tv2 black to watch netflix and other streams only available in the US, such as cbs online. It also works on BBC iplayer, ITV and so on.