Hope support metadata from douban

many chinese tv and movies cannot match on IMDB

Currently Infuse doesn’t use metadata from IMDB, it pulls TV shows from TVDB and movie info from TMDB.

sorry, i don‘t know, but i hope can pulls TV shows and movie info from douban.com.
many chinese tv and movies don’t match from TMDB or TVDB

Can you provide a few examples?


Name of the show please

tv show name: 山河令

This one?


yes,and because my files name is chinese? it dosen’t match?

It matches, I just copied and pasted the chinese 山河令 and searched on TVDB and it found it right away.

You should name the files “山河令 S01E01.mkv” and it should pull the metadata.

thanks, i’ll try again

We posted at the same time so you may have missed my last post.

thanks it work

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You’re welcome! :+1:

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