HOORAY RECOGNISED.........but now ??? desperately


Set my WD Passport as primary drive (YES…it even was recognised by my brandnew ATV !) :smiley:
ATV says it is gonna transfer all media from internal to external :smiley:
pressed OK and happily waited what happened…
took hours… :?

Then it prompts “Tranfer of files failed, please press menu to exit”

and thats about it. :cry:

What can i do to succesully use my WD as primary?
Or do I just have to empy itunes; then transfer few left files; and then fill itunes again?

desparetly for help - thanx in advance

Some of the WD drives have backup/security software that can cause problems like this. Is your drive formatted in Mac OS or FAT32 format?


FAT32. and indeed it do has backupsoftware.
How can I remove that? it looks like a drive withion a drive… (Windows explorer shows it as 2 different drives)


You may try switching back to internal iTunes storage, formatting the drive, and switching to external storage again.