Hooray....found a fix for jailbreaking

Ok. After 5 tries with my Macbook and the patching ramdisk hanging forever, I took the plunge, moved my IMac downstairs, hooked up, ran Seasonpass with the 4…4.2 download from Firecore and was jailbroken in about 15 minutes, just like old times on the Macbook. Proof was the FC symbol on the ATV@ screen. Then I downloaded the newest ATVFlash, installed and everything is running. Now I will test mirroring with the IPad, just to be sure. So, I know I am not the only Macbooker having problems. Why all of a sudden is the Macbook a problem and the Sesaonpass wanting to default to 4.3 in the preferences? I understand that if a IPSW was not made to reflect the 4.4.2, then I guess that 4.3 is what Seasonpass would register, but not idf season pass was redone for 4.4.2  Sounds like a glitch. Anyway, glad to be back. Now, to attempt loading a nightly build (never have done that) for XBMC so I can get Hulu and PBS back on ATV2. PS-not everyone may have more than one MAC so please figure this out. Made a big mistake trying to ssh nightly build for xbmc. . All is messed up. Have to start from the beginning with upgrade through ITunes and then do Seasonass allover again, etc. I am forgetting XBMC until there is a better way without the nightly build being necessary.

Similar issues, funny enough all worked faster on my Windows7 laptop

All back and running took 15 minutes. Carried the IMac back downstairs one more time. No XBMC until a stable auto install build is available.

Hey after the tethered boot, it works fine with the screen, but when i unplug and move the apple tv downstairs it wont start again with the other LCD tv. Any hints why? It shows the Itunes symbol and the USB cable … strange, i never had that with any previous version. 4.4.2 sucks!!!


Can the Apple TV recognize the LCD via the HDMI???

Nevertheless, move downstairs with Laptop, USB etc. did the whole thing from the beggining again (not more than 15 minutes as you said) it works now :slight_smile:


That is the problem , I think, with a tethered boot. Any time it is unplugged= reboot when plugged in. Not a new jailbreak, just the tethered boot part with Seasonpass.

really??? but than these apple guys are real bastards! you can only do tethered boot with the 4.4.2 version!

You cannot really blame apple for the fact that you have decided to jailbreak the ATV2 :) (after all as far as they are concerned you should be running the software they provide).   I was good to see that not long ago jailbreaking was declared legal in the US - many thought that it might be declared illega which might have tended to throttle those engaged in producing jailbreaks.

It is quite normal for the jailbreaking community to first find a way to produce a jailbreak that runs in tethered mode, then at a later date how to improve the jailbreak so that it can be done in an untethered mode.   However from what I have seen iOS 5 has been proving harder to find a way to produce a untethered jailbreak so the timescales might be a bit indetermiante.

Ditto that. 


Understand … the functionality w/o jaibreak is soo limited though!


Not if you have an iPad2 or an iPhone4S or even other iDevices. With the first two you can mirror anything to an ATV2. With other iDevices just AirPlay from Plex or quite a few other options. No jailbreaking required. If you want an mkv player, or even a general media player,  the ATV2 isn’t the right choice unless you have iDevices that add the functionality you want. Even then many people would be better off with something else.