Homespun movie organisation

I’ve never cared much for any system that’s organised films for me. Ever, ever, ever. Even Infuse’s. There. I said it.

So I’ve been working on my own system. Create folders in my Films directory, dump films into it, create custom artwork for the folder.

The attachment shows what I have so far on my iPad. On ATV the folder name is displayed, but on the iPad it isn’t and so the artwork needs to be descriptive of the content.

Obviously it can’t cater for films that cover multiple categories: eg Marvel films could go into sci-fi, but the way I have it set up sci-fi is what’s left as a residual grouping after more specific stuff has been grouped. Likewise Marvel and Disney, Disney and Pixar, Comedy and lots of things. But generally it works ok.

I’m considering doing one for Musicals, maybe Horror, maybe Historical Drama. Folder images for those are … challenging, though.

Interesting approach.

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: