Homescreen clock


+1 same here please

A simple clock to start would be nice since people today do rely on their TV for everything including the time.

It must be hard to program that…

When watching a bunch of episodes I really miss a clock. Maybe one can be added right top at main menu and playback overlay?

There’s a suggestion already running here Homescreen clock that you can add your support to if you like. :wink:

Will do!

Sorry for double post, but I somehow missed the search on top menu -.-

Not a problem at all! Glad to point ya in the right direction. I want a clock too. :wink:

Hi James or someone else, is this hard to program? Or give a Yes/No answer.

We don’t have any immediate plans for this right now.

tvOS has a built-in clock which is pretty easy to access, and IMHO adding another clock could clutter up the UI.

@james Since there are two different suggestions in this thread should it be broke out into two different suggestions? One for a clock on home screen and a different suggestion thread for the playback overlay that would when tapped would give current time and video end time.

I don’t see a need for one on the home screen but I do strongly support one accessible on the playback overlay with current and end times showing.

I think this is the thread you are looking for.

That covers it. :+1:

Just saw a few posts in this thread referencing the other request and didn’t want to muddy things. :wink:

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