Homescreen Bibliothek Buttons

Hi im testing infuse with emby right now - so far so good but how i can display in startpage/homescreen just the libarys- so i have on emby 4 buckets Movies / Movies Kids / Series / Series Kids . these i want to have seperatly on the starting page that my kids can go to there content with one click like in emby - is that possible ? So it should like “My Media” under emby

You can add favorites for your Emby libraries, and these will appear as icons on your home screen.

To add favorites, navigate to Infuse > Settings > Shares > Share Name - then select the ‘Add Favorites’ option.

The problem is that it adds only the Emby Server name to the homescreen if I press that button than my 4 different bibliotheks (movies, kids etc) appear. But I want these 4 library’s as buttons on the Home Screen.

I know it only one click away but this is important for my kids.

So exactly that view I get if I press that emby server name button - I want in the Home Screen

Yes, by default, only the main server icon will be added to the home screen.

If you follow the steps above to add favorites, you can add some or all of the individual libraries to the home screen.

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