HomeKit support for tvOS

+1 for homekit support

I’m a LIFX user, but would consider selling it all for some of that Hue Entertainment stuff.

I also run home bridge and it is a bit of a pain (Luckily I’m running it on ESXI so if & when I nuke it, I can restore the previous snapshot. Way less painful than raspi’s and what not).

I would however accept a homebridge-infuse thingamajig

+1 for HomeKit support.

What sort of Homekit support is planned ? As a media player ? I dont see that as an available category

Basically it would just set scenes that you want during key events such that the scenes dim the lights, etc:
Infuse browsing - set scene “Movie Room”
Infuse playing - set scene “Movie Time”
Infuse paused - set scene “Intermission”


Absolutely! +1

Wow! This idea sounds great!