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Since there is a suggestion for Philips Hue, I would like to make a suggestion for HomeKit in general.

It is not forbidden for app developers on tvOS and I haven’t seen much HomeKit apps for Apple TV.

It would be a great idea to add some nice pre-defined buttons triggering some HomeKit scenes or actions in your Infuse UI.

Maybe the app could validate whether there is a Home setup. If a HomeKit home found, then the app could show, for example, a “Movie Time” scene, which would turn off some main lamps, turn on some smaller bulbs, dim some lights to 20-30%, etc. And finally, you could assign the HomeKit scene (this Move Scene) to this button in InFuse UI. So you could Play & Activate Movie Time at once.

Please consider this, this would be a super useful integration which would look good in InFuse.

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Yes this is definitely needed!


This is good idea.

+1 for this - it would be really nice.

Well I disagree.

HomeKit limitations is just a whole other story.

What I was suggesting and I guess most of people (which support Philips Hue), it’s mainly about the lights.

I didn’t want to go deeper into AV setups, as they are very varied and like you said messy a bit. HomeKit as of now, is not capable of doing anything more meaningful in any of its category so I think AV is out of scope even for Apple.

Infuse and HomeKit integration would be pretty much a shortcut and automation to some lightning scenes synchronized with the status of the movie: paused/playing.

I would just love to watch in a dark, or very dimmed, room, but when I pause a movie to grab some juice, I would like the Infuse to brigthen up the room. It could just invoke a scene or particular lights.

So please don’t steer this light-headed integration and discussion into the myriad vaguenesses of the HomeKit itself : )

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Edited - I wasn’t fully aware of the SDK availability to app developers…

You can do this already via homebridge by linking into the Apple TV generic play/pause status and it would work with Netflix / iplayer or whatever else as well.

I’m not trying to derail your suggestion - I just think it’s ahead of its time :wink:

It’s not ahead of its time. :slight_smile:
A few years ago Kodi did it with just a addon.

It’s true to say that Apple are taking their merry time adding functionality to HomeKit. At least IP TV, IP Bluray and IP Set top box functionalities should have been available from the beginning.

I 've done KNX for a living for the last 10 years, and all the posh houses bolt a Crestron or Savant or similar AV interface on top to manage the AV and Media - and it’s all integrated and we’ve been doing this for 20 years already.

Homekit is directly competing in the KNX space but strangely, not in the AV space - given that they have Apple TVs which totally eliminate the need and cost of a full AV system. One in each room and BOOM. A value added ecosystem tie-in that costs them nothing but code…

Anyway I digress. Homekit support would be awesome if its possible through the proper channels.

Interesting; 2 new categories this year:


You might be able to justify that Infuse is acting as a remote to trigger events on a play event, and on a pause or stop event.


Edited the post as it was accurate as far as accessories - but not for tvOS apps. It would appear this feature is quite possible without needing MFi certification or for the app to pretend to be an accessory.


Thanks for your interest and lengthy posts, but I think you’ve lost your way.

We, and other Philips Hue supports, do not want Infuse to became an accessory of any type to HomeKit.

We just want some simple shortcuts to scenes and devices already added to the HomeKit with a little bit of magic and automatization.

There are plenty of apps for HomeKit control in the App Store, and there are some apps for HomeKit control in the tvOS App Store.

Infuse doesn’t need to be a MFI member, or doesn’t need any chips (even the software ones).

Creating a HomeKit app is just like creating a “Fart app” or supporting RMVB file format. Programming based tasks, not politics.

To give you examples:


Or other apps strictly made for Apple TV (see the attachment) to which I can’t link for known reasons.

Those developers are not members of MFi program, nor do they introduce any new equipment to HomeKit.

A good example of a great HomeKit app is:

This app allows to set and see things that Apple won’t let you see and set in HomeKit, it taps in the devices characteristics and supports hidden features of many HomeKit devices : )

So yeah, to sum up, Infuse could easily tap into the HomeKit framework to control it directly, without the need of some additional Homebridge services operating on Raspberry Pis which the price is an equivalent of 4 months of electricity bill in Poland.

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Fair enough - it looks like you’re quite right.
I’ll tune out then.

Being able to trigger a HomeKit scene on play, and one on pause/stop would be really cool.


biggrin :smiley: :smiley: +D =D :biggrin:
I am waiting with great excitement.

Just a note; I’ve got homebridge working in my home and there is nothing simple about it. Even the easy to deploy packages will require you to roll your sleeves up and get into various terminal action, JSON file adjustment and various other package and dependency challenges that you will face. If you tech savvy - you’ll get it working but it might take a few days to get all the packages you want going.

if you do - you can achieve this functionality in homebridge with this plex plugin:

it will only work with plex triggers, but it has some good filtering rules per player and per user.

Or you can achieve this with this plugin for all play/pause stop on the apple tv - and you can set this up only on a per-apple-tv basis. But it will also trigger when you airplay music or do anything else on your apple tv:
“The Theater Mode Switch is used to toggle theater mode on and off. It is recommend that you turn this off when you are done watching. This will prevent your lights from going crazy when you start AirPlaying music later.” That doesn’t sound usable to me, if you have to enable and disable it all the time you might as well manually trigger your homekit scene. Not a solution for me - unless you only use the apple tv for visual media.

But really this post is to comment - the average user base of infuse are not going to enjoy, nor will they want, to setup this system which - i should remind everyone - could potentially stop working at any moment like the airplay video support did in kodi. It’s been hard work, lots of fails, lots of frustration, had to completely delete and rebuild my Homekit Home at one point for reasons I can’t explain.

Making this function truly accessible would be amazing.

error :slight_smile:

Any news?

Any simple HomeKit integration at first would good.

Just an optional button (activated in the settings) near the main Play button which could trigger selected scene would be great.

Integrating with HomeKit makes more sense than with Philips Hue. Given that Infuse is Apple-only, and anyone with Philips Hue products could easily add them to the Home app for HomeKit compatibility, the best solution would be to support HomeKit, thus providing what each camp effectively wants. It’s safe to say everyone here has access to the Home app, but not everyone has access to or uses Philips Hue. It would be far more powerful to have HomeKit triggers than Philips Hue triggers.

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Not quite - the hue support request is for Hue Entertainment which is immersive real-time rgb lighting effects in time with your movie. You’ll not be able to achieve that through HomeKit certainly not in the foreseeable future :slight_smile:

But HomeKit support would definitely be cool :smiley:

It’s been a while since I read that thread. You’re absolutely right–Hue Entertainment.