Home Videos / Family VIdeos / Other videos eg Music Videos etc and Metadata blocking editing

Hi i have been a user for Infuse early on from 4, and current a lifetime user. Its great to add Plex, but I am hoping there will be support for Home Videos / Family videos and other types eg Music videos etc.

Before the bot scans for data, it looks fairly good with nice thumbnails and file names

Currently the weirdest movies show up and mess up all the files/folders after scanning.

A) Is there setting / method to block scanning?
It has been asked before so can we have support on how to do this through Plex AND/OR have a setting in INFUSE for this to block scanning for all sub-folders in Home Videos for example.

This would be a simple setting ie OFF for scanning

B) Is it possible to get a browser / app editor similar to many other programs in which we can custom edit the metadata / xml files so they are INFUSE specific?

if not can we get PLEX specific ideas how to do this?

C) in search / browse = can we get a specific sub search view for these types of videos separate from TV shows / Movies?


You want to be able to define any arbitrary number of libraries, each powered by their own metadata or none.

Throw your support behind this: Allow defining any number of libraries