Home Screen

Why is my Home screen different to the one pictured.I just have a yellow background and no coloured shares.

Could you provide a pic of what you’re seeing?

Thanks sent ad attachment

Sorry sent wrong pic

First, it looks like you have the library turned off so you may want to start here Setting Up Your Library – Firecore
Then you can add custom artwork for the favorites you created by following this users guide Adding Custom Favorite Artwork (tvOS) – Firecore

You can add the rows of favorites across the bottom Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore

As to the recently added and watching graphics you see across the top you need to go into the settings in Infuse and turn on the “Up Next List” by selecting what you want displayed across the top.

There are many great users guides that you can refer to at the top of most forum pages under “Support” > “Users Guides”

thanks for your help