Home Screen Not Consistant

some files do not appear on the home screen in the “all films” section or the “all tv shows” section

Could you provide a screen cap of what you’re seeing? Is it a set number of each showing? Could you count how many you can see of each?

Could you provide a file name of one of the ones not showing up on the home screen?

same problem with some tv shows…

What version of Infuse? Also what OS?

last version of infuse on mac… (7.0.8)

the same thing happens…in iOS and apple tv


mac os big sur (11.4) on iOS (14.6) and last version on tvOS

I was able to duplicate the issue so we’ll have to see what the Dev says. I’m digging around to see if the missing movies have an common factor.

Thanks for hanging in there! :wink:

I will say that with all lists on the home page apparently limited to 30 items that maybe Infuse is dropping a few to make things fit right.

If you click on the “Show All” at the right hand side of the list it will show all movies including the ones missing from the side scrolling list.

On iOS, can you try navigating to Infuse > Settings > General > Sort Order and selecting Title to see if that changes what you are seeing?

I change sort order to title, the order of displaying the files changes…but there are still files missing on the home screen

for most missing files their name starts with “the …”
and for tv shows the same thing happens

I thought that too but not the only case as you know. Look at the movie “Pig”. I had a few others missing that also didn’t start with “The…”

I know!..the problem is not new, I have noticed this for some time…
thanks for the prompt replies! @james, @NC_Bullseye and maybe consider this suggestion … for a consolidated experience between iOS, macOS and tvOS

I’m sure it will be a “Smack the forehead” moment when it’s figured out what the reason is. LOL Since I’ve settled on the “Favorite” option over the “List” option I’ve never noticed this difference. The Favorite option always has shown everything.

As to the suggestion, I just replied in that thread, I really do not want to mix these together since we often are looking based on time available to watch something. Having them separate on the ATV is by far our preference. :wink: As long as it was an option to keep them as is then no problem. :smiley:

this problem persists in version 7.0.9

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7.1…still the same problem.

infuse pro v 7.2.1…
is there a solution? … or maybe it is not considered as a problem …