Home movies/videos Ticking/Hissing sound for Audio

I have 1st gen (silver) ATV, and had to upgrade iTunes software, so that meant had to update ATV software, and then reload Flash software - v.4.5.1.

After all of this the sound on my home movies/videos which I attempt to play through Nito TV - "files" does not work properly.  The video eventually plays (but not as smoothly as prior to all these updates) but then the sound is Ticking, or a spitting type hiss.  The movie formats are m4v, mpg, mov.  Same on all of these.  

Once again did not have these issues prior to my re-install of Flash software.  With your older software they play fine!!

Help Help what do I need to "enable", change or activate to get my sound back.  Thanks so much for you help

Bruce   btimbers@prodigy.net