Home Movies in separate section/folder view

I love infuse, it is an amazing app for playing video. The playback is so much better than other apps such as Plex of synology DS video. This is especially true with high bit rate files such as from my GoPro, nothing else handles it without stuttering like infuse.

The biggest issue I still have is home movies. The 2 problems are videos automatically importing metadata and not having a folder view. (Currently I add all videos to flex server with custom metadata and have infuse not look it up, and have to make collections or playlists for home videos). This is a pain and certainly something the wife won’t do!

If there was an option to make a file share “do not download metadata” that would fix problem #1.
For my second issue, if there was an option for a share/a folder/a source to maintain a file structure this would be amazing. Ideally this would only be for the elected subset of files (aka home movies) and still maintain the rest of the functionality. Plex does this very well, and it is what I use for my home movies, just wish I could use infuse since quality is so much better.

Have you tried long pressing on the directory you want and select “Use Local Metadata”?

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Yes, I actually use Plex server for all metadata and use local metadata completely because if not it was screening up all the family videos. This is easy enough (but a bit annoying to not be able to easily use one of infuses selling features with metadata).

This doesn’t fix issue #2 which is ability to see a single share or folder in a folder view. I’m sure this is possible on Apple TV but apparently not a big enough need.

What I do is to add a share/folder as a favourite (settings → Shares → Saved Shares → Add Favourite) and then it appears on the Home Screen.

Then I can click on it to browse the folder from the Home Screen.

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I would like to browse the folder structure. Aka I have everything divided by year, then month, then activity (2022/May/vacation), which is what I want to see rather than a file with the last 10 years of home videos randomly.

That is what my above suggestion should allow you to do …. A favourite on the Home Screen to a folder which you can then browse into sub-folders.

It works for me.

I watch most things via the folder browse as the library doesn’t really work for me due to size of video collection; too much paging down to get to the film/tv series I want

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This puts the “home movies” onto the Home Screen, but all of the sub folders have movies and they are combined into 1 list. I do not see ability to search by folder (unless I was to manually add every sub folder to the favorites).

What parameters are you wanting to search by? Date? Event? People? How do you have your folders named?

From your description thought your organisation was something like


And if you make the folder HomeMovies the favourite, when you open it, it should show the folders 2021 & 2022. If you go into 2022 there should be 2 folders called vacation and birthday.

Are you saying this is not happening on your system and all the video files are appearing under HomeMovies?

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Ah. Your original request was to browse by folder, no mention of searching.

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Yes all videos are lumped together and not seeing folder structure.

Apologies if my terminology does not match yours, I would like to view individual files via folder structure. Ideally this would be on a per share or per favorite basis, but the current implementation is that all videos in all sub folders appear as 1 list and not in their folder structure.

Is there only one video in each sub folder?

There is usually a few to maybe 30-40…….with 10 years of home movies so it ends up being a few thousand files. To browse in Plex to the year then month then activity is very easy, but in infuse it’s unusable since I just have a folder of a few thousand files by name.

If you set your file structure like this ( with your own choice of names of course) and you have more than one video in the bottom level of each sub folder you will be able to browse by first opening the “Home Videos” favorite and there will be the decades folder inside that and then the years folder inside of that and so on.

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This does not happen on my Apple TV. When I select the folder for a favorite it shows on home screen but when showing videos there is no folder structure just a list of files.

Also the file is coming from Plex server running on synology, not sure if that has any role of what I’m seeing either.

Can you provide a screen pic of what you’re seeing on the ATV and also a screen cap of your file structure?

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You may as a test want to create an SMB share in Infuse of only the home videos seperate from the plex share and mark it as local only metadata and see if that works. I don’t use plex and have no problems doing what you’re trying to set up. Plex may be causing the problem for this situation.

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Smb worked exactly as expected. It appears to be a Plex issue. Sorry for all the confusion. First off this is amazing, literally the feature I’ve been waiting for forever with infuse! Too bad was just an issue with Plex.

Is this worth submitting as a bug?

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With Plex, perhaps?

Infuse seems to be working as intended, in this case.

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