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My library has folders for Movies and Home Movies with their source files in unique folders. Infuse has placed a couple of my home movies in the Movies section. How can I get them to show in the proper category?

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You’ll probably want to uncheck the folders containing your home movies from the library tab to prevent Infuse querying TMDB for each item inside, trying its best to match their filenames with those of commercially released media.

Infuse doesn’t Index home movies — there’s no “proper category” for that. Anything added to your library that isn’t a commercially released movie or TV show will either be incorrectly paired with an existing film indexed at TMDB or relegated to “Others” — essentially a dumping ground for titles it couldn’t match.

The only way to force something into “Others” is to make sure it doesn’t match with anything at TMDB — one way might be to force “use local metadata” to reject the undesired match.

Personally I can’t stand to have anything in “Others” so I would make sure to prevent Infuse from attempting to match my unmatchable content in the first place, and access my personal videos through the files tab.