Home Movie setup

I am looking for some ideas on how best to watch home movies in Infuse. My GoPro 4K movies are high bitrate and play back perfectly with Infuse, and I use folder organization of year/event to organize. I have a Synology DS918+ running Plex server as the backend, but prefer Infuse quality as well as it’s nice to not have to pay the monthly fee just to get hardware encoding on my NAS as well as the “experimental player” for direct play on my Apple TV 4 and 4ks I have around the house.

Is there any plans for folder based navigation in the future such as Plex does which would essentially solve my problems. Other options I have come up with is labeling each folder on the homepage, but I would have about 100+ folders to manually add. Last thought was doing this with playlists for each “folder” but this is a tedious and manual process.

Anyone have any other thoughts/suggestions? If not I will probably go back to my fallback of using synology DS video app on Apple TV for home movies with the folder navigation and save the Plex payment and use infuse for my Blu-ray’s I have ripped. The DS video app does not direct play as well and tends to transcode much more, so there is a bit of quality drop that is noticeable on the 2 4K Apple TV’s hooked to 4K displays.

Thanks for the help.

I wish there was a folder view option per library too. I don’t want a global folder view, just on my “other” view. I too have folders of random videos (including one with calibration test patterns) - seeing the folders collapsed and just the files makes navigation in Infuse impossible. I fall back to the Plex client for these, since I can use a folder view there.